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Ahmedabad Audichya Sahasra Brahman Lahana Vyavahar

Audichya ni wadi Panditjini Pole,              ઔદિચ્ય ની વાડી , પંડિતજી ની પોળ,
Sarangpur,                                                        સારંગપુર
Ahmedabad – 380001                              અમદાવાદ -૩૮૦૦૦૧
Phone: (079) 22165779                           ફોન નં:-(૦૭૯) ૨૨૧૬૫૭૭૯


President : – Shailesh Ashokbhai Shukla

prabhvi 3/30, chandraprakash society, Old pilot Dairy Road, Kankaria,
Ahmedabad 380022
Phone :- 079 2546 1502 (M) 09824302005


Secretary : – Shailesh Ramprasad Jani

4 Manmandir, 44 Jagabhai Park, Maninagar,
Ahmedabad – 380 008
Phone :- 079 2543 3841 (M) 098981 49699.



    Dear Mr Shukla / Jani

    I am Vijay Gopal Dongre, Chitpavan Brahmin , Shandilya Gotra. I also work for Chitpavan community in the State ,

    A have studied the history of AUDICHYA SAMAJ / SAHASRA BRAHMIN –Patan/Halvad & some how strongly feel

    A) We DONGREs have some connections with AUDICHY SAMAJ

    B) And also with BHAVANI BHUTESHWAR as Deities .FROM HALVAD

    Bhavani Bhuteshwar are mentioned as our KUL-DEVATAS and we do not have such temple ….here in Maharashtra ….Could be our Genealogical accounts have in mind the Deities in HALVAD

    i AM KEEN TO …1.get more info about these temples & deities 2.Pictures of Temples & Dieties 3.get good advise on Dilema that we have …4.Visit these temples

    Could you please GUIDE ME ? VIJAY GOPAL DONGRE , Mo 9850717676 PUNE

  2. kamlesh joshi

    Respected sir.

    i want to know what is the “kuldevi” of Audichya Zalawadi Brahmin, Gautam Gotra,
    presently some of our cast/relative living in morbi since 100-150 year,

    pls. reply
    on Kamlesh Joshi Mo. No. 7405257705

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